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Q & A with Fiona Wilson – Bureau Chief at ‘Monocle magazine’, Tokyo.

  For someone with a curious streak and a passion for Japanese design, Fiona Wilson may have one of the best jobs around. Now in her tenth year working as Bureau Chief at Monocle magazine in Tokyo (and prior to that, seven years with Wallpaper), she has had access to some of the most prominent and interesting people in Japan. Humbly describing herself as “really lucky”, there is no question she doesn't deserve all that `luck`.  Thousands of interviews later, she has truly honed her interview

Time-management Tips for Procrastinating Journalists

    Don’t wait until the last minute to force creativity and content. Keep the journalistic juices flowing throughout the day. Here are a few “life hacks” for the procrastinating journalist to keep in mind… BY JANINE GOUS       Have you ever sat down in front of your computer, eager fingers hovering just above the keyboard and you hit a blank? You’re staring at an empty Word document and all you can think about is the next creative snack you can make with your limited

The Importance of the Well-Written Press Release – by Fiona Walsh

  Generating well-crafted news content in our multi-media age demands speedy writing, editing and re-editing skills. Done well, it can win your company or clients valuable coverage. BY FIONA WALSH   If you’ve never had to do it before, writing a press release may seem easy. You have news to communicate about your client, you write it down as succinctly as possible, add a snappy headline and send it out to every journalist you can think of. But like any form of communication, things

Find your Unique Writing Voice and Make It Stronger.

Becoming familiar with your writing voice is a journey of discovery. And as you travel that journey, who you are as a person will be etched in the road ahead. As you negotiate each bend and curve, hill and valley you will uncover the quirks and characteristics of your personality.   BY JUNE TERRY     What is your Writer’s Voice?   If you tell a novice writer that their voice is beginning to show, they are bound to offer a quizzical glance before asking what you

Freelance Rates – How much should you be charging?

Deciding on an amount that reflects my worth as a writer is probably my biggest headache as a freelancer. With the awesome diversity that comes with the job of writing, comes the strange incongruity in pay rates. In my experience, if you want some consistency in this department, spending a little time on admin goes a long way. BY SAMANTHA MOOLMAN   Set your own standards There is no global, standardised set of freelance writing rates. Each publication differs, and each country has its

Q & A with Sola Oguche-Agudah – Writer, Speaker & Coach

  Sola is the first in her family to have written a book, and she describes herself as a writer, speaker and coach. Born in Lagos, a large city on the southwestern end of Nigeria, it was after five years of studying to be a mechanical engineer in one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities, that Sola discovered her passion for both speaking and writing. 6179

Can You Make a Living From travel Writing? We Ask travel Writer Gabi Logan

    Travel writing is a dream job for many aspiring writers. But can you really make a living at it? DONNA DAILEY chats with Gabi Logan, author of The Six-Figure travel Writing Road Map and creator of the travel Magazine Database, for some insights on how to make travel writing pay.     Q: Did you always want to be a travel writer?   A: I wanted to be an Italian professor. travel writing was the way I was going to pay bills in grad school. I

Create perfect logical flow in your writing

Logical flow is one of the trickier writing skills to master, but it is indispensable for good writing. Here's a guide to making sure your writing makes sense.   What is logical flow? The writing skill of ‘logical flow’ can be defined as all the aspects of your writing that help the reader move smoothly from one sentence to the next, and one paragraph to another. To illustrate, imagine that readers should ideally follow your thoughts as effortlessly as cruising down a river through

20 Essential Editing Tips

  Finally finished a piece of writing that you want to submit to an editor? Woohoo! But before you hit the 'send' button, be sure to follow these vital steps to edit your article. STEP 1: You make an effort so your reader doesn’t have to. First try to write your rough draft freely, without worrying too much about grammar, style and form. Being a critical left-brain editor from the start squeezes all the life out of a piece of writing. Afterwards,

How You Can Make Money Writing Articles For Magazines – 10 Secrets For Beginner Journalists

  You’ve always wanted to write articles for magazines, but every time your article reaches the final draft stage, your courage fizzles out before you can hit the 'send' button. It’s hard to break into the magazine industry, known for its competitiveness, rejection letters and worse, zero response to article submissions from new writers. Here are 10 trade secrets you need to see your name in the byline.   - by NICHOLA MEYER   1. How do I submit my first magazine article? You have two options. “On

How you can become an online travel writer – by Angela Pearse

Travel writing for the web is very different from print media and it can take some getting used to, but it also has many benefits. You have more control with travel writing on the web One of the advantages of travel writing for your own blog or website is that you have more editorial control.  You are the editor of your own online publication; you decide what to write, when to write it and what photos to use. Also any editing of text

How to Be a More Productive Writer

BY PENNY TYSON     The life of a freelance magazine journalist can be lonely. You are running your own business, playing the role of both employer and employee.  Staying productive and motivated can be tough. Find out about seven simple steps to get you on the road to a productive and rewarding writing career.     Take care of yourself As a freelancer, there is no one to step up to the plate and take over your duties should you fall ill. You need to

Is Aanlynmedia die Toekoms? Onderhoud met Annelien van Basten

  GESKRYF DEUR GINA VAN STADEN ’n Gedrukte boek of tydskrif sal altyd nostalgie aanwakker, maar hierdie industrie is stadigaan besig om uit te sterf. Annelien van Basten, bekende skrywer en webredakteur van die trou-blog, Troukoors, gee meer inligting oor wat suksesvolle aanlynmedia behels asook oor die uitdagings van die oorskakeling van gedrukte- na aanlynmedia.   Vertel ons eers hoe jy in die joernalistieke-bedryf beland het? “Ek het van jongs af gedurende speeltyd al draaiboeke en storielyne geskryf vir my en my niggie se Barbie-poppe.

Improve Your Interviewing Skills with these Four Resource Sites

Giving interviews is very practical skill. Here are four online resources where you can learn how to become a master interviewing. BY ALEX OWEN-HILL Interviewing is a vital skill for non-fiction writers, and even for some fiction writers. You might believe that interviewing is a natural talent – some writers have it, the rest of us just muddle through. You can't learn how to be a master interviewer, right? Wrong. Like all writing skills, you can get better at interviewing through practice and

Productive Procrastination: Tips for Writers

Procrastination isn’t only a habit of the lazy. It can also be used as a powerful means of improving your writing performance.   BY CHANTAL TARLING Many writers are procrastinators in one way or another – you rush research that should have been finished ages ago or you’re late in meeting deadlines. You know that if you stopped waiting until the last minute, life would be far less stressful. And for some of you, it’s become such an ingrained habit that you don’t

Keep Your Writing Simple: Using Plain English

  Using plain, simple language doesn’t mean “dumbing down” your writing. It means getting your message across, clearly and unambiguously, the first time. BY TRACEY HAWTHORNE     Here’s a nursery rhyme you probably know quite well:   A trio of sightless rodents, A trio of sightless rodents: Observe how they perambulate, Observe how they perambulate. They all pursued the agriculturalist's spouse, Who severed their caudal appendages with a carving utensil. Have you previously observed such a phenomenon in your existence As a trio of sightless rodents?   Don’t recognise it? How about:   Three blind mice, Three blind

What Science Writers Can Teach Writers About Good Writing

BY HAMISH CAMERON       Gone are the days of the lone scientist hidden in their lab, publishing incomprehensible texts we know as academic papers. Today, a new type of scientific writer has emerged, one that interacts with the world as a whole, utilizing social media channels and relaying information to anyone with a screen and an internet connection. All hail the science writer. And while science writing is a niche field, these writers have much to teach journalists about the practice of good

Online criticism and trolls – how to cope as a Writer

    Learn how to deal with the onslaught of criticism online with these tips from the experts.   BY MARISSA ROSSOUW SMIT   For traditional journalists, a manuscript with negative feedback could easily be placed in a drawer and forgotten. When posting a piece on the Internet, though, the mean critics are at the ready  – in their droves. It’s difficult enough coping with conventional criticism; how then do you deal with the onslaught of trolls, cyber bullies and self-professed experts?     Value your writing and worth Clinical

Q & A with Toby Manhire – Editor, Journalist & Writer

    He’s the son of New Zealand’s inaugural Poet Laureate and describes himself as a freelance writer and editor. He's a columnist for the NZ Herald and RNZ Online, political editor at The Spinoff, and contributor to the Guardian. ROCHELLE SEWELL chats to Toby Manhire about his work.   Question: You hail from New Zealand writing pedigree. I imagine you grew up in a household of books and literary discussions at the dinner-table. Did this influence your decision to become a writer? Answer: I didn’t

How to Multitask as a Writer

  When it comes to multi-tasking, adopt the phrase: “Fast is slow, slow is fast”.   It turns out that to accomplish more you have to resist the urge to speed up and rather, slow down.   A study conducted by scientists at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) in Paris asked study participants to attempt three tasks at once. They found that the participants regularly forgot one of the three tasks they were asked to perform. The participants

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write

By Rozelle Sunkel   When your flaming enthusiasm for a new project has dwindled, you'll have to spark up your motivation manually. Here's how.   You're on fire, you're on a roll, nothing can stop you - and then it hits. The honeymoon phase is over. Your creative endeavour has been reduced to nothing more than a chore. In fact, you'd rather have your arm chewed off than work on your latest article. It's easy to write when you're full of enthusiasm, but when the

Q and A with Tamara Rothbart – South African Award-winning Journalist

For someone who’s been in the journalism game for nearly 20 years, and has edited magazines like Cosmopolitan and Elle, it’s clear Tamara Rothbart is a full vessel. GILBERT GWATIDZO speaks to Tamara as she dishes out wisdom on the magazine journalism industry.   Question: I was terrified to make this call. How do you overcome nervousness before a big interview? Answer: Focus on the end goal. The story you are writing is not about you, it’s about them, their life. Concentrate on

How the modern newsroom has evolved, and why it’s a good thing

With the privilege of an insider’s view into the evolution of Fairfax Media NZ’s newsroom, KIMBERLEY ROSS lends a voice of support to the ‘modern newsroom’.   Transformation has loomed large over the industry, and newsroom changes have often been seen in a negative light. Criticisms include: Fewer journalists, fewer voices and perspectives on a given topic. Less time and resources, lower quality journalism. Content more commercially guided by views, clicks and immediacy. Important journalism taking a back seat. More detail can be found in posts

Five Apps to Kick-start Your Magazine Journalism Career – by Fatima Bheekoo-Shah

  While your Moleskine may never go out fashion, technology changes at a rapid pace. These five apps get you to work more effectively and can give you a head start in your writing career. 1. App for jotting down journalism ideas We all know that story ideas can pop up by just about anywhere. And the worst is not having a pen and paper when this happens. Not a problem, make a note of it on your Evernote app. The app stores

Journalism and travel Writing: Excerpts from Writers College Students’ Writing

  Read these selected excerpts from unedited student writing from the Magazine Journalism and the travel Writing Courses.     Travel Writing Course, tutored by Donna Dailey Excerpt from 'First Steps: Learning to Tango in Buenos Aires' To visit Buenos Aires is to visit the land of Tango. AILISH CASEY discovers that there is no better place to learn than in the birthplace of the dance itself, during the annual Tango Festival. I understood that a proposition for a tango is not an outstretched hand and an