10 Fascinating Articles for Fiction Writers

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We thought we’d kickstart your week with these ten recommended articles for fiction writers. Got a few minutes? Then grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.

The Best Writing Advice. Ever. By Larry Brooks. A meaty piece to help writers of fiction construct their narrative.

The Best Writing Tips Ever, by Amy Hertz

The 6 Degrees of Show vs. Tell, Rated by Quality, by Victoria Mixon. An article that demonstrates the difference between showing and telling.

The Ultimate Guide to Novel Queries, by Jane Friedman. A complete how-to for pitching your novel to a publisher.

Seven Keys to Writing Good Dialogue, by Nathan Bransford. Improve your dialogue by reading this advice.

Top Ten Writing Tips To Help You To Write More, By Angela Booth. With25 years in the writing industry, Angela’s blog has a wealth of content to help you improve and keep at your writing.

Ten Rules for Writing Fiction – Part 1, compiled by The Guardian. Top writers share their writing advice.

Ten rules for Writing Fiction – Part 2, compiled by The Guardian. More famous writers on writing.

10 Great Writing Posts from 2010, by Mike Duran. Thought-provoking articles on the craft and business of writing.

Six e-book trends to watch in 2011, by Michael Hyatt. Insights from a CEO of a publishing company

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