Using Social Media to… Conduct Interviews – by Samantha Moolman

This article forms Part Four of our Social Media Series. The ability to interview someone for a story is a skill best learnt over time. If you’re a journalist who is just starting out don’t worry if you’re horrible at it – most of us have had to learn the hard way. In fact, just recently I found myself stuck in a vortex when interviewing what seemed to be a roomful of crazy people; they spoke at me for three hours

Graduate Success Stories – Magazine Journalism

   Jennifer Davies completed the Magazine Journalism Course and the Advanced Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College ( She graduated in August 2009.   We followed up with Jennifer to see how she is doing as a writer working in the magazine industry.     An interview with Jennifer Davies   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I have sold five articles so far: two to Fair Lady, one to Femina, one to Cosmo, and one to Destiny. I’ve also been made assistant

Freelancing is for Lazy People, says Karin Schimke

It’s eleven on a Tuesday morning. I’ve been lying on the couch reading and I must have nodded off because an sms alerts me to the fact that it’s almost time to fetch the children from school. I call this work. It’s not the whole picture of course, but it’s the part of the picture I like most about freelancing. Last night I worked till past midnight on an article that’s been hanging over my head for three weeks and with which I’ve