Four Tips for Starting a Great Blog

Starting a blog that is okay is very simple. The secrets for how to start a great blog are also simple, but it takes a little bit more work and planning. These four tips will help you hit the ground running.   Get set for social media When picking a blog name, many people only check whether there’s a matching domain name available. By the time you get to integrate your blog with social media, it’s possible that someone else may have

Five ways to write scannable copy for the web

BY JAMEE TAYLOR We need to master the art of writing scannable copy if we want our posts to actually get read. Writing for the web compared with writing for traditional mediums like newspapers or magazines is almost like writing in another language. It requires the use of your whole brain in terms of the left analytical side as well as the right creative side working together. Or you could just follow these five tips and your readers will be happy, as

Top 10 Web Writing Tips – by Zelda Fourie

  Writing for the web differs from most other forms of writing.  Most people tend to scan websites looking for information.  They therefore do not read the same way online as they do print media. The successful web writer must create content that is clear and easy to read, uses less words, and that provides useful information quickly. So, what are the best tips for writing for the web? 1.            The headline of your article or blog must be accurate and clearly understandable, so that

How to keep your online editor happy – by Tracy Brooks

  Webzine editor hisses when she sees you? Perhaps you are committing one of the seven deadly sins.  Tracy Brooks points them out and unveils the virtues that seduce online editors. You’ve embraced the digital era and are writing for webzines.  You churn out article after article, yet one after another, they're rejected. The work is just not coming in, and you can’t remember what an acceptance letter looks like. If this sounds familiar, and you’re receiving more rejections than payslips, chances are you’re not

The Only Thing You Ever Need to Worry About When Writing Web Content – by Greg Walker

  "Compelling content." "Written with the search engines in mind." "Unique." "Google loves quality content." These phrases are bandied around by all and sundry when it comes to the qualities of content writing, and such well-meaning but often-oblique instructions can actually serve to confuse many new writers. What you really need is something altogether simpler. A single instruction, one thing to keep in mind that will ensure your writing comes out well every time. And I think I have just the thing: "Value." The Imaginary Google