How much factual research do you need for fiction writing? By Louis Greenberg

  Craig Higginson, a historical novelist, has a brave approach to research in fiction. He claims that many writers in the genre are so keen to show off how much they’ve read about the period that they bog their stories down in detail. Readers get a painstakingly drawn (and painsgivingly taxing) account of the carriage that someone drove in 1896, the cut of his cloth and the provenance of the leather on the horse’s reins. If this information is well researched, the

Writing Horror – by Hannah Green

The horror genre has a special appeal to its readers, and to its writers too. It is one of the most difficult genres to write because different people fear different things. So how do you write a good horror story? Here are some tips from an avid horror fan: Write about something that scares you: If you write about something that scares you, you’re sure to get more emotion into your writing. It can be that childhood monster in your closet, the

Graduate Success Stories: Magazine Journalism

  Christo Valentyn completed the Magazine Journalism Course in 2007. Apart from selling articles to big titles like Cosmopolitan and Longevity, Christo has carved a niche for himself as a successful motoring journalist.   An Interview with Christo Valentyn   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I consider every published piece a success, but some do feature more  prominently than others. My course assignment, which I sold to Cosmopolitan, remains a highlight, as is a piece I did for Longevity earlier in 2010 that was