Four ways to keep up with the future of Magazine Journalism – by Katy Moran

The world we live in is constantly changing. One way this is clear, is how our professional and personal lives are moving online. As journalists, we now face the challenge of managing both our on- and off-line selves.  These four tips will help you stay ahead of the curve.  1.       Move your Author Profile Online Gone are the days where you are born, live, work and die in the same town. Now you can write a feature for a magazine on the

Breaking into Journalism (Part II of II) – by Sam Moolman

Authenticity is as important as it ever was in journalism. Authenticity, and transparency. You might have a fantastic blog or website, be a religious tweeter, even win yourself some attention from the world online, but if your writing is not up to scratch then things are just not going to pan out. The argument these days is that good quality work is just not good enough anymore. Branding yourself Working hard at being a journalist doesn’t just mean that you produce good content.

Breaking into Journalism (Part I of II) – by Sam Moolman

The journalism industry can sometimes feel like a secret society that you need a special key or password to get into. The old adage ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’ is an undisputed fact, and especially depressing if you don’t ‘know’ anyone on the inside. I know how disheartening it can be to have all this passion and talent and no platform from which to share it. The walls of a newsroom or magazine publishing house can seem

Graduate Success Stories: Magazine Journalism

  Christo Valentyn completed the Magazine Journalism Course in 2007. Apart from selling articles to big titles like Cosmopolitan and Longevity, Christo has carved a niche for himself as a successful motoring journalist.   An Interview with Christo Valentyn   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I consider every published piece a success, but some do feature more  prominently than others. My course assignment, which I sold to Cosmopolitan, remains a highlight, as is a piece I did for Longevity earlier in 2010 that was