Creative writing excerpts from The Writers’ College students

  The following unedited snippets of creative writing come from students on our Short Story Writing Courses, Novel Courses, Scriptwriting and the Basics of Creative Writing Courses. There were hundreds of great pieces to choose from, so we closed our eyes and randomly selected excerpts from our list of favourites. Enjoy!   Basics of Creative Writing Course – Studying with Helen Brain Extract: from a scene by Sigrid Birk My boyfriend is examining the one hundredth desk in IKEA: he’s very thorough. He doesn’t want a chair that squeaks

Making Magic – by HM Gruendler-Schierloh

  I have escaped into a vast variety of worlds of my own making for as long as I can remember. Born at the end of World War II in Germany, I was not only lucky enough to survive unharmed thanks to my incredibly resilient mother, but I was also young enough to have absolutely no recollection of the horror of it all. Although food was scarce and I was often hungry during my childhood, there was next to no crime in the

On becoming a travel writer – by Don Pinnock

  In the small town where I grew up, Afrikaners were regarded as foreigners and Africans were hardly a blip on the radar screen. Anything un-English was unsettlingly 'other'. So when I went to work for a black newspaper (The World) my parents went through phases of fear, horror and distress. They certainly didn't tell the neighbours. More by accident than design, however, I discovered the warm heart of Soweto and moved into Dobsonville – a little strange for a white backwoods

The Importance of the Well-Written Press Release – by Fiona Walsh

Generating well-crafted news content in today’s multi-media age demands speedy writing, editing and re-editing skills. Done well, it can win your company or clients valuable coverage. If you’ve never had to do it before, writing a press release may seem easy. You have news to communicate about your client, you write it down as succinctly as possible, add a snappy headline and send it out to every journalist you can think of. But like any form of communication, things aren’t always

Spotlight on Copywriting tutor at the Writers’ College: Mandy Speechly

  Mandy Speechly has worked as a copywriter in the advertising industry for over fifteen years for leading international advertising agencies on a range of different media, including television, print, radio, brochures, promotions and websites. Mandy is now Head of Copy at the AAA School of Advertising in South Africa where she works as the Graduate Copywriting Lecturer. Mandy has tutored the online Copywriting Course at The Writers’ College for the past five years. Here are some of her views on writing, and

Top 10 Web Writing Tips – by Zelda Fourie

  Writing for the web differs from most other forms of writing.  Most people tend to scan websites looking for information.  They therefore do not read the same way online as they do print media. The successful web writer must create content that is clear and easy to read, uses less words, and that provides useful information quickly. So, what are the best tips for writing for the web? 1.            The headline of your article or blog must be accurate and clearly understandable, so that

Born to be a Writer – by Michael Taylor

  The city is pretty… These were the words I wrote in the first attempt I made of a poem after moving to Johannesburg, South Africa as a teenager. I was born in Klerksdorp, and attended Klerksdorp Primary School where I was voted “most likely to be an author” at the young age of nine. My stories and poems had always received great acclaim from teachers and parents.  For as far back as I can remember, I needed to write. From