The Principles of Online Journalism: Why we must adhere to core values – by Samantha Moolman

It doesn’t take a qualified journalist anymore to publish the news. Thanks to online media, the public can now inform themselves and each other via various platforms and social networks. Any Joe Soap has access to previously unknown information, so the journalist’s original privilege of being able to disseminate new information has become redundant. So are qualified journalists even necessary anymore? I believe that the consumer will always be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. People will read what appeals

Using social media to… Generate News Stories – by Samantha Moolman

  This piece forms Part One of our Social Media Series As a student I was taught that when you run out of things to write about, get out of the office, mill around in public places and you’ll soon be buzzing with fresh story ideas. Constant observation is a definite way to source new topics, and listening to what your friends talk about – what concerns, angers or excites them – can spark off new ideas. Even exploring dimensions of your own interests

Using Social Media to… Conduct Interviews – by Samantha Moolman

This article forms Part Four of our Social Media Series. The ability to interview someone for a story is a skill best learnt over time. If you’re a journalist who is just starting out don’t worry if you’re horrible at it – most of us have had to learn the hard way. In fact, just recently I found myself stuck in a vortex when interviewing what seemed to be a roomful of crazy people; they spoke at me for three hours

Journalism is Evolving

According to Vadim Lavrusik, Community Manager and Social Strategist at Mashable (, journalists now need to possess multimedia skills to tell stories through video, text, graphics, audio and photos. You need to be able to do it all, under pressure, the quintessential one-man-band. His article "8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist" details the following characteristics for future journalists. 1. Entrepreneurial and Business Savvy "You need to be able to do it all, under pressure, the quintessential one-man-band." 2. Programmer 3. Open-minded Experimenter 4. Multimedia Storyteller 5. The Social