Creative writing excerpts from The Writers’ College students

  The following unedited snippets of creative writing come from students on our Short Story Writing Courses, Novel Courses, Scriptwriting and the Basics of Creative Writing Courses. There were hundreds of great pieces to choose from, so we closed our eyes and randomly selected excerpts from our list of favourites. Enjoy!   Basics of Creative Writing Course – Studying with Helen Brain Extract: from a scene by Sigrid Birk My boyfriend is examining the one hundredth desk in IKEA: he’s very thorough. He doesn’t want a chair that squeaks

What past students say about our writing courses

  Course reviews from graduate students at The Writers College        Click on the link below to read course feedback from our students worldwide, after they had completed their courses. Apart from the occasional spelling mistake that has been corrected, these writing course reviews are unedited.  

Making Time to Write – by Ginny Swart

  You want to write, you've got a great idea for a story, you've made a few notes - but your life is just too busy to get behind your computer. Sound familiar? The trick is to manage your time in a way that gives an hour of "me-time" every day.  Here's how...   First, decide when you feel the freshest and most creative. For some people, this might be 5.30 in the morning, before the rest of the family is up and demanding your

Magazine Journalism Course Success: Ansie van der Walt

Ansie van der Walt completed the Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College. Apart from working at her new job as assistant editor at an Australian publishing house, Ansie is the owner of the blog She's also the originator of the African Flower Chain Project, where she ‘planted’ 30 hand-made African flowers across South Africa and elicits inspiring letters from around the globe.  Ansie has turned writing and needlework, both hobbies and passions of hers, into a full-time career. 1. What writing successes have

The Importance of the Well-Written Press Release – by Fiona Walsh

Generating well-crafted news content in today’s multi-media age demands speedy writing, editing and re-editing skills. Done well, it can win your company or clients valuable coverage. If you’ve never had to do it before, writing a press release may seem easy. You have news to communicate about your client, you write it down as succinctly as possible, add a snappy headline and send it out to every journalist you can think of. But like any form of communication, things aren’t always

Why do I teach journalism? By Paul Smith

  Why do I teach journalism? For me it’s simple – because I had such good mentors when I began work as a cadet reporter (and copy boy). Then there’s the other reason: I learn something new from every student. The ones I value most are students who come to writing with a conviction that they’re not really up to much – then produce copy that forces you to re-read it because it’s so fresh and powerful. The other side of the coin

Novel Writing Course Success – Mark Scheepers

Mark Scheepers received the Mavis Bleazard Bursary (sponsored by her daughter Hazel Carlstein) and completed the Write a Novel Course at The Writers' College earlier this year. We are delighted to hear that Mark is a finalist for one of South Africa's prestigious writing awards. We find out more about his progress as a writer. 1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I’ve sold two screenplays to eTV’s Ekasi Our Stories and I’m one of three finalists for

Is Doing an Online Writing Course for You?

Six Reasons to Study Writing Online Knowing the potential of the Internet as a tool for writers, our writing schools offer a range of online writing courses.  Tutored by professional writers (most of them award-winning), our writing courses can help you turn your writing dreams into a reality. But is online studying for everyone? Let's look at six benefits of this method. 1. Instant and efficient This modern study option is ideal for those looking for instant and efficient results. For instance, instead of