Making Magic – by HM Gruendler-Schierloh

  I have escaped into a vast variety of worlds of my own making for as long as I can remember. Born at the end of World War II in Germany, I was not only lucky enough to survive unharmed thanks to my incredibly resilient mother, but I was also young enough to have absolutely no recollection of the horror of it all. Although food was scarce and I was often hungry during my childhood, there was next to no crime in the

Bullies In My Pages – by Nthepa Moitsheki

  The three years I spent in high school gave me a taste of what it must be like to do jail time for a crime one didn’t commit. I had to change my routes around the school yard each week in order to lose them: the meanies, the big bad wolves. There were three of them, well, one to be exact, and the other two were her little stooges. Kefilwe (Big Fifi) was the leader of the gang, with the prime figure

My persistent muse: the tortoise – by Keren Hoy

  This is the Year of the Tortoise: the year I write my book. It will be about my journey through the year, and about patience and sureness of purpose. It will take all year to write. Some writing in the past has been hare-like, having to meet deadlines, leaving me and my family with ears pinned back and sore feet from the dash. This will be different.  It is fitting that it will be a process and a journey, for that

Writing’s not for sissies! – by Nadia Kamies

  MY daughter has wrapped a scarf around her head as if to hold her brains together. She is writing an essay for the Politics course she is taking this year, her first year at university. “Help me,” she says. “I have too many words.” I glance down to the bottom of the screen – 780 words. “How long is this supposed to be?” “Three hundred words,” she replies, winding the scarf more tightly. “Can you take some of the words away?” This is