Spotlight on Nora Vagi Brash, Papua New Guinean writer

From the Gravesite to the Stage Nori Vagi Brash speaks about her life as a Papua New Guinean poet, writer, and social activist   You probably haven’t heard of Nora Vagi Brash, and you might need a map to locate Papua New Guinea, but on this exotic island of the South Pacific, Nora is respected as one of the most outstanding playwrights and poets in the region, and the only female playwright published in the country. Having grown up in a village on the

Q & A with Multi-Award-Winning feature writer Sarah Lang – her road to success

Successful journalist Sarah Lang may have started her working life sleeping in her mother’s garage, but she has quickly climbed the ranks to become a multi-award-winning feature writer.   Born and bred in New Zealand, Sarah Lang (34), began her career as reporter for the local newspaper covering Taupo, Turangi and Rotorua (New Zealand). For the last six years has freelanced for around 20 publications including North & South, Next, Canvas, NZ House & Garden, Reader’s Digest, and the Herald on Sunday’s

Lisa Steingold’s writing life and advice for writers – by Paula Correia

  Lisa Steingold is an author, coach and public speaker.  Her articles have appeared in Shape, Odyssey, Psychologies and O, The Oprah magazine, and she has written three books.   An avid adventurer, she has mountain biked across South East Asia, completed a half iron-man (woman?) and climbed Mount Kenya.  I chat to her about how she got published, and what writing means to her. What was your first published piece?  And how many attempts did you have before being published? I started writing

Become a magazine journalist with these 10 tips – by Jezemae Cogan

So you want to flip open a magazine and see your article standing proud? Here are 10 tips to get your career started as a magazine journalist. 1. Find ideas to write about - Sometimes finding an idea to write about can be the hardest part, but look into what interests you and what your hobbies are. - Listen and watch people around you; you may just pick up an idea. - Look at articles in the newspaper and create a completely different angle

Using social media to… Generate News Stories – by Samantha Moolman

  This piece forms Part One of our Social Media Series As a student I was taught that when you run out of things to write about, get out of the office, mill around in public places and you’ll soon be buzzing with fresh story ideas. Constant observation is a definite way to source new topics, and listening to what your friends talk about – what concerns, angers or excites them – can spark off new ideas. Even exploring dimensions of your own interests

Magazine Journalism Success: Angelique Noll

Angelique Noll completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course as well as the Magazine Journalism Course in 2011 at The Writers’ College. Here’s what she has been up to since then.... 1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? Within a year of completing the Journalism course I’ve had three articles accepted, one in Vrouekeur, one in Natural Health Journal and one in an Australian magazine called Merise. I’ve also had three short stories accepted, two by Vrouekeur and

Ten foolproof tips to turn you into a magazine journalist – by Mishka Lawrence

Getting started as a magazine journalist is no walk in the park, but here are a few tips to help you sell your first articles.   1. Passion fuels performance Write about what you know. If you’re passionate about diet and nutrition, write about them. If you’re crazy about cars, there’s your starting point. Because of your strong interest, you’ll want to find out about the latest trends, news and developments in your chosen field. Your passion for your topic will make your writing

Graduate Success Stories – Magazine Journalism

   Jennifer Davies completed the Magazine Journalism Course and the Advanced Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College ( She graduated in August 2009.   We followed up with Jennifer to see how she is doing as a writer working in the magazine industry.     An interview with Jennifer Davies   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I have sold five articles so far: two to Fair Lady, one to Femina, one to Cosmo, and one to Destiny. I’ve also been made assistant