Magazine Journalism Course Success: Ansie van der Walt

Ansie van der Walt completed the Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College. Apart from working at her new job as assistant editor at an Australian publishing house, Ansie is the owner of the blog She's also the originator of the African Flower Chain Project, where she ‘planted’ 30 hand-made African flowers across South Africa and elicits inspiring letters from around the globe.  Ansie has turned writing and needlework, both hobbies and passions of hers, into a full-time career. 1. What writing successes have

Q & A with Multi-Award-Winning feature writer Sarah Lang – her road to success

Successful journalist Sarah Lang may have started her working life sleeping in her mother’s garage, but she has quickly climbed the ranks to become a multi-award-winning feature writer.   Born and bred in New Zealand, Sarah Lang (34), began her career as reporter for the local newspaper covering Taupo, Turangi and Rotorua (New Zealand). For the last six years has freelanced for around 20 publications including North & South, Next, Canvas, NZ House & Garden, Reader’s Digest, and the Herald on Sunday’s

Time Management for Journalists: from an Ayurvedic Perspective – by Malaika Davies

  Life as a freelance journalist can get a little hectic. There is a lot to juggle between sending out query letters, researching, interviewing, writing, and keeping track of the invoicing. If we’re not careful we can end up chained to our desks trying to hammer out an article when, perhaps, larger forces are against us.   Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word for ‘life-knowledge’. It is an ancient Indian form of natural medicine and has been used for thousands of years. One fundamentalpart

10 Ways To Please Your Editor (Through Good Web Writing) – by Esta Chappell

  If you are starting a career in freelance writing or journalism, here is some advice to scribble down and paste on your wall: Always keep your editor happy. After all, it is your editor who decides if you get published and therefore paid. But keeping them happy doesn’t mean sending flowers or opera tickets. Instead, just write what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Here are ten simple steps to keep your editor happy - and keep you

Magazine Journalism Student Success Story: Janet Hart

Janet Hart from Nelson, New Zealand completed the Magazine Journalism Course at NZ Writers' College in 2012. After 28 years of school teaching, we find out how catching the writing bug has changed her life.   1. What made you decide to start writing? It sounded like fun!  Two years ago, at a September breakfast, I read a piece in the Sunday Star Times about magazine journalism. It set off a spark because by dinner that day I’d decided to ‘do it’ and

Magazine Journalism Skills Upgrade: Career-proof Your Future

  Emerging from the bleakest times in journalistic history, what can magazine journalists do to future-proof their career? Beverley Whitehead crystallises an approach for the insightful storytellers of a new era. The mix of digital journalism evokes an image of a rainbow cocktail. Stir together your knack for killer interviews, accurate research and compelling writing. Add a twist of innovation for how digital platforms (mobiles, blogs and online magazines) and multi-media blends (video, audio and images) can connect you to your readers.

Spotlight on Karin Schimke, author, poet and tutor at SA Writers’ College

  Among Karin Schimke’s many accomplishments as a journalist, freelance writer, columnist, poet and author, she was my tutor and mentor at SA Writers' College. Her role as my guide through the Magazine Journalism Course removed any preconceived notions I had around the world of writing. She has taught me the fundamental elements of writing that will remain with me from my first written word to my last. An interview with Karin Schimke reveals the passion she has for writing and the influence it has

Magazine Journalism Success Story: Madi Hanekom

Madi Hanekom completed the Magazine Journalism Course in November 2010. Madi is a stellar example of a student who has thrown herself full throttle into writing and selling stories. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? During the course period, I wrote an article which was accepted for publication in November/December by online designmagazine ( titled, “Creating a Portfolio Life – How many gigs are you juggling?” The editor subsequently requested me to write a series of articles on