Creative writing excerpts from The Writers’ College students

  The following unedited snippets of creative writing come from students on our Short Story Writing Courses, Novel Courses, Scriptwriting and the Basics of Creative Writing Courses. There were hundreds of great pieces to choose from, so we closed our eyes and randomly selected excerpts from our list of favourites. Enjoy!   Basics of Creative Writing Course – Studying with Helen Brain Extract: from a scene by Sigrid Birk My boyfriend is examining the one hundredth desk in IKEA: he’s very thorough. He doesn’t want a chair that squeaks

Make Money Writing for the Web – by Bronwyn Williams

  With some good, old-fashioned hard work, it is possible to make good money writing on the web. Thanks to PayPal, it is easier for writers to get paid over the Internet by clients all around the world. There is nothing to prevent you from earning a decent, full-time income from web writing. You just need put in the hours and have the patience to wait for the work to pay off. Here are five legitimate ways to earn money on the Internet as a

Is Doing an Online Writing Course for You?

Six Reasons to Study Writing Online Knowing the potential of the Internet as a tool for writers, our writing schools offer a range of online writing courses.  Tutored by professional writers (most of them award-winning), our writing courses can help you turn your writing dreams into a reality. But is online studying for everyone? Let's look at six benefits of this method. 1. Instant and efficient This modern study option is ideal for those looking for instant and efficient results. For instance, instead of

Graduate Success Story: travel Writing and Writing for the Web Course

Angela Pearse completed the travel Writing Course and the Writing for the Web Course at NZ Writers' College ( in 2009 and 2010 respectively. One of our top students at the college, we were keen to find out how Angela is doing as a writer.   An Interview with Angela Pearse   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I’ve completed two courses with the NZ Writers' College, the travel Writing Course and the Writing for the Web Course. Since completing both courses I