Publishing your novel: writing tips from Hamilton Wende

Only the Dead is South African born Hamilton Wende’s latest novel, released by Penguin Books in October 2012. What inspires this author and how did he tackle the task of hunting down a publisher? By Leoni Cohen-Velida Q: Your experience is extensive in freelance journalism and TV production. What sparked your passion for writing? A: English was my favourite subject at school but I started doing Building Science at Wits University.  It was only when I was about twenty did I realize I wanted to

Writing the Right Reads – by Liz Robbertze

  In the summer of 2007 I decided to do a Short Story Writing Course with SA Writers’ College. This proved to be one of my most rewarding decisions I have made in my life. Enter my tutor, Ginny Swart: the most amazing, approachable, easy-going lady I have had the pleasure of knowing. Studying with SAWC is strictly via correspondence over a period of about six months. During this time Ginny was professional yet caring. When writer’s block or doubt set

Lisa Steingold’s writing life and advice for writers – by Paula Correia

  Lisa Steingold is an author, coach and public speaker.  Her articles have appeared in Shape, Odyssey, Psychologies and O, The Oprah magazine, and she has written three books.   An avid adventurer, she has mountain biked across South East Asia, completed a half iron-man (woman?) and climbed Mount Kenya.  I chat to her about how she got published, and what writing means to her. What was your first published piece?  And how many attempts did you have before being published? I started writing

10 tips to succeed as a magazine journalist – by Tancrid Muller

  Being a magazine journalist can be one of the most fulfilling and interesting jobs out there, but it’s not a job that will suit everyone. If you’re not afraid of mountains of work and tight deadlines, follow these ten tips and you’ll be an ace magazine writer in no time. Research is Essential This doesn’t mean only verifying facts and figures; you need to learn about the magazine industry. Learn what to expect, before jumping in. Read about... everything. Stay up-to-date on the

What would my mother say?! By Hilary Murray

Hilary Murray, author of Choices, describes her first forays as a writer into the publishing industry – and the genre of erotic fiction. MY first attempt at a publishable novel was a disappointing experience. The storyline was simple: take two pairs of lovers.  Place one in the past and one in the present.  Add a betrayed and merciless husband to each.  Mix well, and stand back. Unbelievably, the agents I submitted it to weren’t as impressed as I was.  I received rejection

Publishing Poetry Online – by Hannah Green

  Where to submit poems Poetry has seen a huge revival over the past few years. One question that aspirant poets have - after they've managed to write a few poems - is where to submit their poems for publication. There are plenty of options available, especially for online journals and e-zines, but finding a popular, respected and credible publication can often be challenging. Online Poetry Journals gaining favour While people often feel that having their work published online is not quite as good as having