Four Vital Basics for a Writing Life – by Trish Nicholson

Books, blogs and courses offer valuable advice and guidance for writers, but to make the most of them, there are four fundamental aspects of the writing life we have to establish for ourselves.   1. Create a writing support network Putting words onto paper or the screen is something we do alone and it can be lonely. Not only that, inspiration comes not from staring at a blank space waiting for the muse, but from  engaging with life past and present, observing, recording,

My Writing Journey – By Alison Benge

  It wasn’t always writing that I loved. First there was the sensory world of writing: cracking the spine on a new notebook, ink flowing across a fresh page, lens-less glasses on the end of my nose. I wrote my first story, an epic tale starring my teddy bear, because I liked the clacking of the keys on our first computer. Most of my early stories were born from this sensory preoccupation. They emerged naturally throughout my childhood, mostly unnoticed. When I

My persistent muse: the tortoise – by Keren Hoy

  This is the Year of the Tortoise: the year I write my book. It will be about my journey through the year, and about patience and sureness of purpose. It will take all year to write. Some writing in the past has been hare-like, having to meet deadlines, leaving me and my family with ears pinned back and sore feet from the dash. This will be different.  It is fitting that it will be a process and a journey, for that

How I started writing – by Helen Brain

I started to write years ago, when I had small children. We’d moved to a fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa – a bleak, sandy place, where the people were poor, and the environment harsh. I’d always wanted to write, but because I hadn’t studied English at University, I thought I couldn’t. But stuck in the back of beyond with no friends and no job, I had to do something. I began to write a novel based on

Spotlight on Karin Schimke, author, poet and tutor at SA Writers’ College

  Among Karin Schimke’s many accomplishments as a journalist, freelance writer, columnist, poet and author, she was my tutor and mentor at SA Writers' College. Her role as my guide through the Magazine Journalism Course removed any preconceived notions I had around the world of writing. She has taught me the fundamental elements of writing that will remain with me from my first written word to my last. An interview with Karin Schimke reveals the passion she has for writing and the influence it has

Making a Dream Come True – by Helen Yuretich

“I’ll do it if you do it.” “OK. Let’s do it together.” And so I started writing. It had been years since I’d first talked of doing a writing course.  Years filled with other things - travel, marriage, babies, work.  Years filled with stuff.  Life. But it was no longer a vague dream for the future. Now it was an appeal from a close friend – let’s do it together. How could I refuse? It had been easy to procrastinate, fiddle, waste time, say it