How to Achieve Your Writing Goals – by Nichola Meyer

  After 11 years of teaching writing courses, we've noticed that the students who succeed as writers were not necessarily those who could craft the best sentences or tell the best story. They were the students who wrote often. They persisted. They got the job done. Our Basics of Creative Writing Course tutor, Helen Brain, swears that success eventually comes to those writers who are "most able to keep their bums glued to their seats". So here are seven tips to help you stay

Five Apps to Kick-start Your Magazine Journalism Career – by Fatima Bheekoo-Shah

  While your Moleskine may never go out fashion, technology changes at a rapid pace. These five apps get you to work more effectively and can give you a head start in your writing career. 1. App for jotting down journalism ideas We all know that story ideas can pop up by just about anywhere. And the worst is not having a pen and paper when this happens. Not a problem, make a note of it on your Evernote app. The app stores

Creative writing excerpts from The Writers’ College students

  The following unedited snippets of creative writing come from students on our Short Story Writing Courses, Novel Courses, Scriptwriting and the Basics of Creative Writing Courses. There were hundreds of great pieces to choose from, so we closed our eyes and randomly selected excerpts from our list of favourites. Enjoy!   Basics of Creative Writing Course – Studying with Helen Brain Extract: from a scene by Sigrid Birk My boyfriend is examining the one hundredth desk in IKEA: he’s very thorough. He doesn’t want a chair that squeaks

What past students say about our writing courses

  Course reviews from graduate students at The Writers College        Click on the link below to read course feedback from our students worldwide, after they had completed their courses. Apart from the occasional spelling mistake that has been corrected, these writing course reviews are unedited.  

The Writers’ College Student Success Stories

Some of our students have gone on to occupy full-time jobs in the magazine and/or publishing industry. You can read short interviews with past-students here. If your story, manuscript or article was accepted for publication after completing one of our courses, please do let us know: Here are a few writing success stories from our students from around the world. Glenn McGoldrick, who has had a story "A Little Drama" accepted for online publication by Glenn was a student on the Writing

Writing for Websites: 20 tips to create a website that draws a large readership

You cannot create a website and expect people to find it, nor can you update it only once or twice a year. Some people think that once the website is on the www and they have their URL on their business cards, “Google” will just help people find them. Not so. A good website is an expensive investment, but it is one of your best marketing vehicles. So you need to remember that it is organic; just like a plant, it

Tydskrifjoernalistieke Kursus by die SA Writers’ College

  Om artikels vir tydskrifte en webtydskrifte te skryf is maklik een van die winsgewendste areas vir skrywers in Suid-Afrika, of dit nou ‘n voltydse loopbaan is of as aanvulling tot jou "nege tot vyf" gedoen word. Een vollengte artikel in ‘n gerespekteerde en gevestigde tydskrif kan tussen R2500 en R3500 lewer, afhangende van die woordtelling en fooi per woord. Navorsing en die skryf van artikels vir jou gunsteling glans- en webtydskrifte is nie net opwindend, interessant en uitdagend nie, dit is ook

Louise Thompson: Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Wellbeing Writer

  If you read the New Zealand Herald’s weekly ‘Bite‘ magazine, you may know Louise Thompson as the woman who helps get your life on track as you sip your Monday morning coffee. Originally from the UK, Louise spent nearly 20 years working in senior commercial roles in the magazine/newspaper industry. After relocating to NZ in 2004, her life changed course. These days the 42 year-old is a self-proclaimed “corporate escapee”, and a successful life coach, yoga instructor, and wellbeing columnist/author. Louise

Q & A with travel Writer Don Pinnock

Don Pinnock tutors the travel Writing Course at SA Writers’ College. Former editor of Getaway Magazine, Don is also the author of 13 books and has written countless travel articles for magazines and newspapers. In 2013 Don won the City Press Non-Fiction Award for his writing on street gangs and was awarded an Honorary Research Fellowship in the Law Faculty at the University of Cape Town. Q.      How did you get into writing – and travel writing? A: I was an engineer but

Donna Dailey’s dream job: travel writing – by Candice Stephen

Meet Donna Dailey - an award-winning travel writer based in Cambridgeshire, England. Donna has always loved to read and write since her days at primary school, where she wrote poems in class when she was bored. Like many other writers, she did consider various careers, but always came back to what she loved most - writing. “It was the thing I could do best” says Donna. She also picked travel writing because she loves to travel and see new places and learn

Magazine Journalism Skills Upgrade: Career-proof Your Future

  Emerging from the bleakest times in journalistic history, what can magazine journalists do to future-proof their career? Beverley Whitehead crystallises an approach for the insightful storytellers of a new era. The mix of digital journalism evokes an image of a rainbow cocktail. Stir together your knack for killer interviews, accurate research and compelling writing. Add a twist of innovation for how digital platforms (mobiles, blogs and online magazines) and multi-media blends (video, audio and images) can connect you to your readers.

Where to Publish Your Short Stories Online – by Hannah Green

  With the rise of technology and an increase in e-zine publications, submitting your short stories online is a great way to gain publicity and confidence as a writer. Don’t send your work to just any e-zine; make sure that it is respected and recognized. The hard work, sweat and tears that go into your writing should be rewarded with good exposure. Here are some of the better e-zines, webzines and online publications available on the web, as well as some tips

Famous Quotes on Writing

Need some writing inspiration and courage to keep going? Here are wise words on writing - from famous writers. "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." ~ Richard Bach "I only write when I'm inspired, so I see to it that I'm inspired every morning at nine o'clock." ~ Peter De Vries “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” ~ Steven King “It's none of their business that

Writing the Right Reads – by Liz Robbertze

  In the summer of 2007 I decided to do a Short Story Writing Course with SA Writers’ College. This proved to be one of my most rewarding decisions I have made in my life. Enter my tutor, Ginny Swart: the most amazing, approachable, easy-going lady I have had the pleasure of knowing. Studying with SAWC is strictly via correspondence over a period of about six months. During this time Ginny was professional yet caring. When writer’s block or doubt set

How to write optimized magazine articles for the web – by Henry Steere

  Why the web? Technology has created new opportunities for access to every kind of media. The music industry has been overhauled by the sale of MP3s on the web. Widespread internet access and the proliferation of  e-readers are doing the same for written content. The web is not just a potential threat to traditional print journalism. It is an enormous potential market and no magazine journalist can afford to ignore it. How is writing for the web different? Reading on a computer screen

Q & A with NICHOLA MEYER, Principal of the Writers’ College

Nichola Meyer has been the principal of The Writers’ College (SA Writers’ College, NZ Writers’ College and UK Writers’ College) for the past eight years. Nichola has a background in lecturing at secondary and tertiary institutions. She’s also a journalist specialising in parenting and women’s issues for several magazines, including O, The Oprah Magazine, Femina and Baby & Me. Nichola is interviewed here by writer, Trish Nicholson. Trish: Hi, Nichola.  I'd like to jump straight in with the obvious question. Can writing really

Break through your Writing Barriers – Understanding How Creativity Coaching Works

Creativity coaching for writers is a relatively new field in the creative industries, one that is cutting-edge in terms of assisting writers to achieve their personal dreams. What is Creativity Coaching? It was Sylvia Plath who famously claimed: "Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished manuscripts". She could also have said that nothing stinks like a pile of incomplete manuscripts, or imaginary manuscripts. These are common problems faced by many writers:  not getting started, not finishing, not submitting completed manuscripts, or not revising rejected

Hoe skep ‘n mens spanning in ‘n verhaal? Deur Wilna Adriaanse

“Niets is zo moeilijk als schrijven over vrede, geluk en lachende baby’s. Botsende krachten zijn nu eenmaal de grondstof van fictie.” - Renate Dorrestein   Stories gaan primêr oor konflik/ besluite/kruispaaie. Die konflik kan uiterlik of innerlik wees. Daar word beweer dat daar slegs twee storielyne vir al die stories in die wêreld is, naamlik: Stranger comes to town / Hero leaves home. - Eerstens is daar ‘n bestaande orde wat gevaar loop om te verander of omver gewerp te word met iemand wat