Without a Hitch – by Kyle Rush

I’m standing on the side of a road. It’s an unremarkable road, but then, why would it be otherwise? Its asphalt skin is flaking, crumbling; forming pockmarks in its faded black face. The smells of melting tar, petrol fumes and burning rubber waft in the humid air. The sun is fierce, omnipresent. This heat is on the cusp of unbearable in bike leathers; it can only be twenty-five degrees out but it feels like forty-five. I can’t take them off, I’ve

Creative Writing Corner

Do you have a piece of creative writing you would like to have published? This area of our webzine is for creative writing: short stories (up to 2000 words) and poems. Submit your writing for possible publication to Nichola at nichola@nzwriterscollege.co.nz. In a Moment - By Michele M. van Eck Amber Walker should be used to death by now, but she wasn’t. Her stiletto heels clicked against the ceramic tiles. Each brisk stride echoed through the corridor, announcing her arrival. She knew

Spotlight on author Helen Brain

Helen Brain is the author of 30 books for children, an adult memoir and many short stories. In 1998 she won an ATKV award for her novel Tamara and her novel Noem my Kat was a runner-up for an ATKV award in 2001. Three of her books have been selected for the SACBF (South African Children's Book Forum) Honours List. In 2006 Helen was nominated for a Women Demand Dignity "White Ribbon" Award. Helen tutors the hugely popular Basics of Creative

Reading to Write: what to look for in a poem when you want to write your own – by Hannah Green

If you want to write poetry, you need to read it. The good and the bad! When reading poetry you instinctively judge the poems. By reading a variety of poetry you will be able to see what works for you, but the key is to figure out why you think it’s a good poem. You don’t need to do a line by line analysis to work out why you like a poem. Here are some aspects of a poem to look at