Marketing Yourself as a Writer: How To Make a Good Impression

  JUST as money doesn’t grow on trees, neither do work opportunities. Unless you’re lucky enough to already have an overflow of clients commissioning you for work, you’re going to have to put in the effort to market yourself. Also, there is no guarantee that your existing clients will be able to afford you indefinitely, which means that it is important to keep your feelers out for potential contacts at all times. The fact is, if you’re writing on a full-time basis you probably

It Started With a Bang – by Marianne Saddington

  My writing journey leaped ahead when a truck smashed into my car at a traffic light, crumpling the back like a tin can. I was stuck at home for three months with a new border collie puppy and whiplash. Soon after the accident, I discovered a book that changed my life: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. After 12 weeks of working through her exercises, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I first started writing as a child, however.

10 tips to succeed as a magazine journalist – by Tancrid Muller

  Being a magazine journalist can be one of the most fulfilling and interesting jobs out there, but it’s not a job that will suit everyone. If you’re not afraid of mountains of work and tight deadlines, follow these ten tips and you’ll be an ace magazine writer in no time. Research is Essential This doesn’t mean only verifying facts and figures; you need to learn about the magazine industry. Learn what to expect, before jumping in. Read about... everything. Stay up-to-date on the

Why do I teach journalism? By Paul Smith

  Why do I teach journalism? For me it’s simple – because I had such good mentors when I began work as a cadet reporter (and copy boy). Then there’s the other reason: I learn something new from every student. The ones I value most are students who come to writing with a conviction that they’re not really up to much – then produce copy that forces you to re-read it because it’s so fresh and powerful. The other side of the coin

Journalism: How To Build Your Professional Brand

All journalists should have some sense of idealism. Even if you aren’t the all-guns-blazing world-changer you set out to be, there should still be a small fire in you that believes you really can change the world – or at least part of it. That, to me, is journalism. When it comes to the traditional definition of branding, the ethos of idealism can easily come second to self-promotion. My previous post mentioned branding cynic Gene Weingarten, who makes a good point